Review: Matinees with Miriam by Vicki Essex

matinees-with-miriam-vicki-essexMatinees with Miriam by Vicki Essex

Publication Date: November 1st 2016
Details: Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
ISBN: 9780373610129
Source: I won a copy from Goodreads🙂

Vicki Essex:
Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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Having his heart stolen wasn’t part of the plan!

Shane Patel has a way with people—a skill that’s made him a success in the condo development business. But his charms are proving useless on Miriam Bateman. The Crown Theater is the key to his company’s latest project. It also happens to be Miriam’s home and her grandfather’s legacy. She’s made it clear that it’s not for sale.

Despite the frustration, Shane’s enjoying trying to win Miriam over. And the best part of his day becomes watching old movies with her. When Miriam’s plans to reopen the theater threaten his project, though, Shane has a tough decision to make: his career or Miriam.


I won a copy of Matinees with Miriam from Goodreads and I couldn’t wait to pick it up and get into it.

When I received this book I was just coming out of a massive reading slump that lasted half a year and figured at this point a romance would be the perfect thing to get me reading. I was so right! It was exactly what I needed. Even though there were plenty of times I got frustrated, even a bit annoyed with some of the characters, I still enjoyed the story.

I absolutely loved Mia. The black clothes, the hardly going out, the anxiety, the fact that she didn’t even want to sell her grandfathers theater. She somewhat reminded me of myself. She is like a cooler version of me. I knew I would like Mia after just a couple of pages.

Even though I liked Maya and Janice, I didn’t like Shane or Arty. It seems like I only liked the women in this book which is kind of strange. I also loved the theater and all the talk about movies.

Overall, I liked the story and it helped me get closer to coming out of my reading slump. I didn’t love Matinees with Miriam, but I would love to read more by Vicki Essex.

3 out of 5 stars

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